Service Area Color Codes
Phase 1
Projected Availability 2023-2024
Phase 2
Projected Availability 2024-2025
Phase 3
Projected Availability 2025-2026
Phase 4
Projected Availability 2026

Service Areas

Why Phases? We are constructing an innovative fiber-optic network from the ground up, taking fiber all the way to every home, business, and community served by Dickson Electric. Our fiber buildout project is a multi-year, multi-phase build-out. DES currently serves over 37,000 customers and our service territory includes 2,700+ miles of service lines spanning Dickson, Cheatham, Hickman, Houston, and Montgomery Counties. Given the size of our service territory, our network build is an extensive construction project. Organizing the planning of the construction into phases will make it easier to effectively manage the progression of our project. Dividing our phases up further into smaller zones will help us to provide a better, more customized customer experience as services become available in each area.
When Will I Get Service? Although we would love to be able to tell you exactly when our services will be available in your area, a project of this size has many variables that can impact our timeline. DES’s service territory contains over 2,700 miles of electric distribution lines. Due to its size and many variables, our project will take a projected 3-4 years to complete. Our team is working hard to build and expand the fiber network to our customers as quickly and safely as possible. We will be providing regular updates throughout the course of the project on our website, and customers can also receive location-based updates when broadband services become available in your area by JOINING THE LIST.
*DISCLAIMER: All estimated phasing dates and locations are subject to change based on factors such as supply chain, grant funds, and weather-related delays.